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The Silk Road (28-30 Oct 2011)

A retrospective exhibition of works by textile artist Beccy Haydon and her artist friends.

Silk batik and mixed textile pieces. Vibrant colours, energetic designs and tactile textures to explore and inspire.

This exhibition has been nurtured over a long period and I hope you enjoy sharing in the creative work on display.

Whether you delve in at a level which enjoys seeing the colours, shapes and textures, or a further level in studying design, composition and inspiration to the piece, they are all there to be experienced and enjoyed in whichever way suits you. I have undertaken commissions in the past and am willing to discuss any specific requirements that you may have in mind for certain space, colour and design.

All works of art are for sale, unless marked otherwise, with monies raised going to charity. (half the proceeds of printed cards, postcards and bookmarks will be contributed to the fundraising.) Purchased work can be collected from 4pm on Sunday 30th October or at an agreed convenient time.

The aim is to raise lots of money for my chosen charities so I hope you will be as generous as possible!

This wouldn’t have been possible without help and encouragement of several people, in particular family and friends, and so, to them, thank you.