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Many of you have questioned my sanity on numerous occasions, and nothing will have changed on hearing that I marked the occasion of my 40th birthday by riding a bike around Ireland. In the process, I raised approximately £4500 for cancer-related charities in Britain and Ireland. Grateful thanks to those who gave generously.

Quest Completed on Saturday 7th April 2007

1339 miles ~£4500 raised

There are whispers of cycling From Home To Rome over the Alps in 2014 with Drudeling (who will be 16 then) as pace-maker......watch this space!




It all started on Saturday 24th March 2007 on arrival of the morning ferry at Dun Laoghaire, when I took my bike off the roof of the car and pointed it north to Dublin and beyond. Around 16 or 17 days later, I was due to make it back to Dun Laoghaire, having followed a route of about 1300 miles that is roughly all the way around the coast, give or take a peninsula or two. In the end, I exceeded expectations by completing it in 14 days.

In due consideration of reaching the middle age milestone, I wasn't carrying too much kit myself and was grateful to my uncle Dave, sharing duties with my faithful wife and son, Beccy and Calum, for following in the backup vehicle. My parents, John and Pauline, were also due to join us but, unfortunately, needed to stay behind to sort out some health matters; nevertheless, I'm grateful for their support. Dave and I did our best to keep up the Guinness intake on my dad's behalf. A note of appreciation is also due to our friends Mary and Donal at Davitt's, the pub-restaurant-guest house in Kenmare, Co. Kerry - that's where I returned for a week's rest and relaxation when the cycling was done.

Hoping to exceed the £3300 raised on the last ride I did in 1995, John O'Groats to Lands End, I was most grateful to those gave so generously! (to allow for extra distance and 12 years' extra wear on the body.......)