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There are some honourable mentions due:

  • Neil at the Elan Cyclery in Rhayader, who has done all the servicing on my bike and been an invaluable source of advice, as well as being a thoroughly nice chap and generous donor - if you want to invest in a good bike beyond your basic £100 - £150 model, ask Neil...he's the man! For those of you who want to know, my trusty steed is a 2005 Giant xTc 4, disc brakes and swish gears - that year's model came in a very manly cream colour!
  • All at Ian Jones Tyres in Kington, who pulled out all the stops when, 48 hours before due to head for Ireland to start the ride, a wheel fell off our previously-trusty Passat. They helped to find the necessary parts when VW throughout the UK had run out, fixed the Wagen up, and even took further sympathy by generously adding a donation to the charity pot.
  • A bunch of biking friends with Farqui as their ringleader, whose musings you can find at knobblies.blogspot.com - they're much more into the thrills and spills of mountain biking proper in forests than I am, and a good deal more clued up on the gear, but our paths and interests cross from time to time, and Farqs has also been a great source of biking help (as well as being mad enough to join in on the Ridgeway ride)
  • Thanks to Mary and Donal at Davitt's, Kenmare, who heard this idea brewing for a couple of years and didn't talk me out of it over late nights in the bar with Kevin
  • My employers, Maron Systems, and their bank, Barclays Corporate, for generous donations
  • The cancer charities if you want to learn more and find your own way of helping: Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Relief
  • The music, of course, as that's what encouraged me round, and I'm sure the faery-folk enjoyed\endured my off-key renditions as I sung my way up the tough climbs....have you heard that fabulous Bob Dylan Theme Time Radio Hour? I could give him a playlist for a 'Round Ireland' theme!! The list below gives some links that I was grooving to at the time, which the curious can follow if you want to explore some excellent and sometimes off-the-beaten-track music: